The Rifle, often known as the Assault Rifle, SWAT Rifle, Machine Gun, or M4A1, is an automatic rifle that holds 30 rounds in each magazine and is available for players who own the SWAT Gamepass or the BOSS Gamepass. It has good damage and pinpoint accuracy, allowing it to be used for almost any situation. It works well in conjunction with the Riot Shield, which is also exclusive to the SWAT Gamepass owners.

This gun deals 6 damage per hit, meaning that 16 rounds are needed to mow down a fully healed target. Though its damage might be low, the ability to carry this and other ranged weapons allows for a prolonged duration for shooting.

Advantages Disadvantages
Found in the Police Stations and Criminal Bases, and will be easy to access as a cop and criminal. Requires either the SWAT Gamepass or the BOSS Gamepass.
900 RPM (fastest firing rate in-game). The AK47 does more damage.
High accuracy. A big improvement from the AK47.
30 rounds per magazine.
Higher velocity than the AK47.


If you own the SWAT Gamepass The weapon is available in Police Station 1 and Police Station 2. If you own the Boss Gamepass The weapon is available in the Criminal Bases. You are not able to get an M4A1 from a Criminal Base if you only have SWAT and vice versa.


  • Like the Pistol and Shotgun, this had a model change in later updates.
  • It is the only weapon in the game that requires ROBUX to obtain.
  • Non-SWAT/Boss Gamepass players could use this gun by having a partner placing it in a bed drawer and picking it up from there. (Patched in the Sewer Update due you can only grab/put items from/in your own drawers).
  • A similar firearm can be found in Prison Life, a former popular game in ROBLOX before the release of Jailbreak.
  • This weapon was originally exclusive to the SWAT Gamepass. But after the Weapons/Items Update, this weapon is now available to BOSS Gamepass owners as well.