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An example of all the items & weapons in a police officer's inventory before the Weapons/Items Update.

The Inventory, also known as the Hotbar, is a mechanic shared among most Roblox games. It's a bar at the bottom of the screen that holds all the items and tools you have obtained. The Police start off with a Pistol, Handcuffs, and a Taser. Criminals and Prisoners start off with nothing. To quickly switch slots, use the numbers on your keyboard instead of direct clicking. To equip the first slot, press 1, and to equip the second slot, press 2, and so on. If an item is equipped, your Roblox avatar will hold the selected item. Clicking will start the tool's action, though not all items have an ability. You can click and drag onto another slot to reorder it. When you hold an item or weapon, the color surrounding the item will lighten.


  • You cannot have multiple of the same items in your inventory unless you do a glitch involving the Bed Drawers.
  • Below each inventory slot is a number, which tells you which number key to press to equip that slot.
  • If your inventory is empty, it won't appear on screen at all.
  • As of the Alien Update, you can re-order your inventory. This was a highly requested feature on the Trello that went under the name "Hotbar Reordering".
  • Prisoners and Criminals have an orange highlight around their items, and Police have blue highlighting.
  • On Mobile, de-selecting an item or switching to another item will start the item's action before putting it away. This is known to be tedious among most players on the platform.